Treating Psoriasis

Treating Psoriasis – the new way

This is a blog of hope. I will share with you some aspects of my life. Mostly about Art. These I hope will prove interesting, amusing, helpful and a whole lot more. I won’t be pulling any punches and some of it may or may not be palatable for all. What you see is what you get. Treating Psoriasis may seem like an odd choice, but then, I have never been known for being obvious.

I will be writing about a variety of subjects that either affect me personally (or have done). Amuse me, or things I do or follow that might be of interest to others. I hope to be able to put something back into various charities as I  have worked for a couple of them in recent years and I also regularly donate – more on that in future posts.

The Dreaded P – Treating Psoriasis

The first subject I will be tackling in 2018 is The Dreaded P. You will be able to follow my journey as I embark on a new course of therapy designed to alleviate the problem. Because this will involve me taking time off work to do so – and I have had enough of it after well over 10 years (P that is, not work!). Therefore I thought it was a good time to try something new. The posts will not be designed to gather sympathy or a “woe is me” type feel, but to follow me as I try to improve my skin condition. It is my sincerest wish that what I discover will assist others.


I hope too that we can all share our experiences and ease the suffering of each other. I know some folks really have it bad, and they are the ones who I am reaching out to most. Please contribute what you can. Only by really sharing and caring can we start to make an impact on this pernicious disease.

It is not intended to bring anybody down either, but I think that writing about it will be cathartic for me personally and hopefully it will help others as well.  That will be the main focus.

Psoriasis on the Increase

When I was first diagnosed, I was a two to five percenter – at my last consultation I was roughly a sixty percenter – which now means that 60% of my body is covered in it. While I am not necessarily worried about what it looks like, it is the constant itching that drives me potty. If only I could cure that I would be a lot happier. Over the years, I have tried many approaches. Changes in diet, changes in creams and emollients. Light treatment was probably the most successful. Watch this space!

Treating Psoriasis – Posts

I’ll be tackling various items in my posts. This will include food and drink (what to avoid, what to focus on). Personal fitness (I need to lose weight personally, will this have an impact on the P?). Mindset (this is a very interesting topic for me personally, more on that later!). I also want the process to be a collaborative affair between myself and my readers. If anyone has a great cream that they use with positive results – I want to hear about it. If there is a particular vitamin or drug that folks have had great results with – I want to hear about it.

More Hope!

Treating Psoriasis
Treating Psoriasis

Treating Psoriasis – My Back May 2018

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Regarding the picture above, it ain’t too purdy, but I thought you might like to see “Les Nymphéas”, pre-treatment (I have names for all the affected areas – usually following an Art theme). As time goes on, hopefully I intend to donate to various Psoriasis charities – NPF – USA and PA – UK. Other subjects will include Depression (which sometimes goes hand in hand with the dreaded P). Personal Health. Art. Diabetes. Investing. Self Help. Classic Cars. Plus lots, lots more.


Consequently, I do hope you’ll join me in my quest. Because after well over 10 years of the beast, I have had more than enough! I know how much grief this disease causes me, but there are others who have it much worse. I genuinely want to hear from you, with any success stories you have regarding your battle with P. If you are really struggling, I want to hear from you. There is strength in numbers. I have been through every possible mood swing there is. I know I can help you. Having somebody to talk to is so important. It is my sincere hope that by clubbing together, we can crack it. I know there is no cure, but we all deserve to get some respite from it. 

Furthermore, if we club together, we may find a way to keep the beast at bay! So please get in touch either via email – or sign up for my newsletter on the left of this page.


I finished my light treatment in August 2018, and here is a picture of my back at October 2018.

Psoriasis Post Light Treatment - October 2018

Psoriasis Post Light Treatment – October 2018

I no longer itch and I no longer have nasty scaly bits on my arms and elsewhere. I reckon the treatment was a success. Added to that my change in diet and the supplements taken. These together combined make life a lot more bearable. Next summer I hope to get out in the sun a bit more and see if it will assist with the scarring. But this progress feels wonderful. I hope you get some inspiration from this, please let me know how you get on with your quest.

Together – we’ll crack it!

Best for now!

Lord Herbert Sarongster

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