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Art saved me

Saved me from myself. When I first started to paint, I wasn’t in a very good place. I was faced with some tremendous personal setbacks after a traumatic divorce. This left me hanging out to dry, with no self confidence and no self esteem. I still struggle withe some of those and more historical issues, but I have had help from some great people and I think I’m finally getting there. Work colleagues have been particularly helpful and I’ve applied a lot of self help over the years.

Art, hard work and my personal interests helped me go forward. You can get an idea of my interests on my home page. You can check out my work on my SharePoint page.

Overcoming setbacks

So Art saved me from these setbacks. When I paint I feel a release and a relief. My blog strap line comes from a Led Zeppelin song, and it wasn’t until I saw the light, that I could get on the right road again. I’ve always loved Zep, since the late 1960s when my cousin played me the first two albums back to back. I was only 7 years old!


I’ve always had a creative streak. But up until I started to paint, I wasn’t true to it. I wrote poetry, wrote some songs and sang in a Rockabilly band in the 1980s. But it’s only Art that really, really moves me. (Well, that and Zep of course). 

My art isn’t figurative, it’s abstract. I’m trying to paint emotions, what I feel inside. I hope that I convey some of that to you. No matter how bad it gets, get creative, express yourself. It works wonders. It helps, and has helped over the years, in fact, in 2019 I need it more than ever – I didn’t get a great start to the year, but things are improving slowly.

Forward and the Future

Getting my confidence back was key. I was helped along the way by some great people. People who I worked with, people who gave me a chance. I love my work now. I am really where I want to be professionally. Some people are good at being a manager. I’ve always been a good engineer. So that’s where I like to be. I love the freedom that working as a contractor brings me. I also love helping people, so I know I have succeeded!

When I’m not working, I’m busy with restoring my Ford Consul. I’m also busy with restoring the house I live in. I’ve found muscles in my back and arms that I didn’t know I had. This is from the garden restoration projects and interior and exterior renovation work.

It all takes time, but I’m getting there. I’d love it if you’d sign up and follow me in my journey with it all. If you’ve overcome setbacks, let me know how you coped. How you got over these setbacks.

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