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Mission Statement

My mission is simple. To provide some interesting content for you to peruse and to remind myself about my simple pleasures. My interests are wide ranging. Art to Classic Cars. Blogging and IT to Music. All things Vintage to SharePoint. Collecting Ceramics to Various Charities. Self Help and Meditation to Movies. House Restoration to Photography. Well, the list goes on. But this blog is mainly devoted to Art.


Art has been a fascination since I was a little boy. I adore Picasso and Rothko. But above all, I have always loved the Abstract Expressionists and Abstract Expressionism of the classic period of the 1950s, centred in the USA. So in 2009, what seemed like a crazy idea, which was originally adumbrated in the early 1960s, has now become more of a reality. I started to paint.

Back then, I had the temerity to pick up a paintbrush as a means of exorcising a particularly difficult phase of my life. Somehow, over the last few years painting has provided me with an ideal outlet for my creative expression. “The Eye of the Storm” was one of the first created. It remains a firm favourite of mine. I like dark work, work that has a basis in human emotion – the dark side of the Moon.


As this blog grows, I hope you will too and you will get a kick out of what I am writing about. There are many, many plans ahead. So stick around – you might just find something to whet your appetite.

Art Therapy
Abstract Expressionism and Art

The Eye of the Storm

 You can also find the picture in my Gallery. Each canvas is an emotional catharsis for me. When I get “the bite”, as old Ishy (James Lawrence Isherwood) used to say – I paint. Peace and well being flow through me when I paint. It enriches me. In fact, I get the same feelings when I look at great Art.

Art and Moods

Art for me at least, is uplifting. It allows me to drift off and to stop thinking about my problems for a while.

No names, no pack drill, but the title of this work might provide an insight into the creative process. My paintings are all in acrylic as I find the medium much easier and immediate than oil. The titles are from a range of things in my life that bring me pleasure.

Artistic Influences

My influences are wide ranging, but mainly centred on Picasso, Mark Rothko and Abstract Expressionism. Plus Damien Hirst, Charles Salvador, Dominic Fels and James Lawrence Isherwood. I own works by the last three, the others are (for now) out of reach. My photographic heroes are Ansel Adams, Alfredo Camisa, Piergiorgio Branzi and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Some of the references in my painting titles might be from a song, or a movie quote, something that perhaps appeals to me personally. Sometimes a play on words. 

The Secret of Art

I kept the majority of my work secret until 2016. It was then that I decided that it should reach a wider audience.

Classic Car Restoration

For the vehicular enthusiasts amongst you, you might be interested in the post of my 1951 Mk1 Ford Consul (Flatdash), this was the very first car I owned and “restored” in 1981 – 1983. I found the car in a very sorry state indeed in 2013 and rather insanely bought it. I sold my immaculate 1955 Mk1 Zephyr below to fund the purchase to cover the welding costs (or so I thought). Working on the car is therapeutic as I only think about the car when I am working on it. I certainly don’t think about how much it is costing me (I am not that bold!).

1955 Mk1 Ford Zephyr

1955 Mk1 Ford Zephyr

The car requires even more work to just get it to a reasonable standard for painting, then it has to be reassembled and finally get it retrimmed. Will I do it? When I rediscovered the car in 2013 it was pretty much as you see it in the three pictures below; no bonnet, no doors, no wings, no front panel, no screens, no engine, no gearbox, no instruments, no engine ancillaries, essentially hardly anything left on it.


Found her! 1951 Mk1 Ford Consul Flatdash – 2013


Side View 1951 Mk1 Ford Consul Flatdash – 2013



Back Home – 1951 Mk1 Ford Consul Flatdash – 2013

Flattie has had a huge amount of work done (from 2013 – 2017); the photo below doesn’t do justice to the work undertaken. You will get a better idea on my Classic Car page.

1951 Mk1 Ford Consul Flatdash - 2017

1951 Mk1 Ford Consul Flatdash – 2017


I had to procure another Flatdash, break that, then use the parts from the donor car to rebuild mine. The Flatdash Consul differs from the later models with the “Jukebox” style dash. This model is a real rarity now. They were only produced for a very short production run from early 1951 to Autumn 1952. Mine is one of the earliest still known to exist and was first registered on 14th June 1951.

Flattie and I are somehow inextricably linked across the decades and I think I am the only person in the World who is mad enough to take this on (again). But that does give me a certain kudos?

A Work of Art?

Oh, the work so far? “A” post repairs, new inner and outer sills, suspension leg repairs, new chassis rails, new floors, new boot floor, new rear valance, new jacking points, boot repairs, wing repairs, door repairs, panel repairs, plus a whole lot more. I’m currently working on preparing the body for respray. That as well as refurbishing the majority of the parts. It is a mammoth task and very expensive!


Parts have been found for the car from all over the world, they are excessively hard to come by and it is only thanks to some great pals in the Mk1 Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac Owners Club that I have managed to get hold of them. More soon with the progress in various future posts.

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Lord Herbert Sarongster

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