Poem – Midnight, Mitre Square

Midnight, Mitre Square.

We stood alone on the outskirts of sin

blinded by dazzling spires

snowy white horses

chubby tears fell silent on the cobbled streets

the only way now, complete control

mind popping: bladderwrack

skin of a long dead natterjack; hidden under the ivy and joined the long dead souls

of our long dead dream.


The beast in the clearing stood still

raged in the midnight moonlight

in the quest for Vitamin She

from lycanthrope to misanthrope, they couldn’t see us coming

simply normal, like the rest of us

weren’t we?


Master and servant – pyrrhic victory

submit to the ghastly

butcher’s plan

as the arc light burned bright in our brain

we wished for the solace of the stained glass windowed cranium

to let a little light out

or maybe let some in?


The fall of the rebel angel came swiftly at the Golden Dawn

the crimson stained membrane on our astral plane

took our ship to new delights

new heights

we kept our lead booted Golem secret

under a stovepipe hat

as we wandered alone with another immaculate assumption

“Do you want the business guv’nor?”

double bubble tonight, so we whipped him out

gripped our maulstick tight and hid behind his

surgical brilliance

but nobody else could ever see us…

and nobody would ever find us out.

© LHS 2017

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